Monday, April 14, 2008

Trip out of Town

This weekend I must say I got a little homesick for the mountains! We went "camping" in a little mountain farming village about two hours north of Beijing (but between the bus and taxi, it too almost three). But the way there led us through a winding mountain road. It reminded me of the Blue Ridge Parkway, but with way less traffic rules. :) There were actually stars!!! I could see many constellations and the great rock faces of the surrounding mountains looked like snow in the moonlight. I arrived with the "second shift" and our friends there were already well into some intense games of "A**hole" (it's a card-game, Mom). We had an incredible dinner and went back to playing cards into the wee hours and I don't think I've laughed so much in a long time. The next morning we went hiking through some amazing gorges and more stairs than I would ever care to climb again at one time. but it was a brilliantly beautiful day and we hung out on the rocks surrounding a small pool. I can only imagine how cold the place must get in the winter, because there were large sections of ice that looked like tiny glaciers surrounding the pool. I think the boys slid down one of them. My friend Willy (a beautiful Dutch girl) and I had a wonderful talk while sunbathing on the most comfortable rock I've ever had the pleasure to sleep on. What a great weekend!

This Wednesday I'm singing at the club, so, keep your fingers crossed. But I got the most amazing shoes in the universe, so it will be a good time regardless!!!! :)

I finally got an apartment- it is ridiculously cool and I feel like I'm in a movie! So, I walk around the house singing jazz tunes I'm learning and at night sit on the little "balcony" listening to Ella Fitzgerald and looking down at the tiny park outside my window, singing along and watching the shadows of the trees move through the little pool of light from the streetlamp.

The weather is finally getting warmer, but the sky is filled with little white puffs of fuzz- not sure if they are from trees, or some pillow fight of the gods, but it looks like snow. So continues my surreal and amazing experience in Beijing!!!

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Liu said...

I wasn't in that picture. What a pity! :( I must go outside for the chilly air at that time and missed the picture time.