Saturday, November 22, 2008

I envision a country where domestic violence and sexual abuse is Unthinkable.  I hope for a place where Women and Men will find what is sacred inside themselves and be inspired to dialogue with their communities toward the common goal of sustainability.  I see a country where humanity isn't quantifiable and we practice economics as if people mattered (thank you E.F. Schumacher) and money is not the highest value in the land.  *And that land is seen as a limited capital resource, not unlimited income.

I hope to see a place where girls find and respect their power and boys realize that feelings, compassion, respect for creation and humble love are all vital parts of being a warrior.  I also wish that people could stop having so many babies and be willing to sacrifice selfish need for the sake of the planet (even though my heart breaks at not being able to hold my own child), because there won't be a planet to leave to our children if we continue to overpopulate.

I hope to see a place where real hope, joy, community and simple contentment become the threads to reweave the world.

thanks for asking ~


I got an email from our new leadership, asking what I envision for our country.  I have to admit, that's pretty cool to be asked.  save the cynicism, there is no time for that anymore.  Here's what I wrote: