Friday, February 29, 2008


This night was my introduction to club "Alpha" and "'80s Night"!!!! There is nothing like dancing on a speaker to "Walking on Sunshine" and then walking out into Beijing!!!!! So surreal. I met a lovely French girl called Diane who does PR here. Everyone here definitely has a good story!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


This is my friend Gordon. He's friends with Tommy, who is the guy I met in Georgia, who got me thinking about moving to Beijing in the first place. Gordon introduced me to a place called "The Rickshaw" where they have mad pool tournaments every Monday night. It's a hilarious bunch of American and British guys arguing about sports.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


The sun came out while I was on Santa Monica Boulevard this morning and now I'm cruising the Miracle Mile.  I just heard the most awesome radio commercial...too bad it was for In/Out burger. hm.
Next stop Mullholland Drive~ I used to go up there when I needed to get away from traffic and smog.  SO beautiful and the smell of rain and Eucalyptus trees is so calming.  The sun came out in the valley and made Ventura Blvd. sparkle (as it only can from a distance) and I thought of Paul Bonesteel- because I passed THREE Taco Trucks!!!!  
Lunch at California Pizza kitchen and breakfast at Jerry's Deli will complete my culinary tour of America before getting on the plane tomorrow and flying into the unknown... 

Sunset to Mullhollad

Here we are at Mel's all american diner on Sunset Blvd.  I figured I should take Robin's advice and eat a hamburger before going to China.  This is my beautiful and brilliant friend Andrea Jones from high school (and unknown but very sweet cook who gave me a free caramel sundae!!). :)

I love this town- just passed the high school where they filmed GREASE and am now in a wicked cool coffee shop in Venice sitting across from the guy who played the lieutenant in Lethal Weapon. 

So, who cares that it's a miserable, rainy day, or that I just wasted an hour for an unneeded trip to the airport (grrr- are on my List!)  but it's fascinating not having a phone.  i have no idea what time it is and i can't shake this vague feeling that I'm supposed to be doing something other than enjoying the best caramel latte on the planet or the earnest political discussion to my right.  Happily, there is an old hippie at another table with a Rasta hat and "impeach bush" shirt on who just invited me to a protest tomorrow.  so, i don't feel too far from home after all...

Wow. there are some BEAUTIFUL people here-  oooooh, especially that guy over there reading the paper (he just turned around and smiled at me!!!).  my day just got exponentially better!!!


So, the flight from Ashe-Vegas to Minneapolis was brilliant.  Amazing sunrise- mountains silhouetted by stunning lines of pink and orange- and smooth flight.

From MN to LA however... sigh. let's not talk about it.  let's just say I'm one xanax short...

When I used to live in LA, I found the best fish tacos in the universe!  As soon as I got to here yesterday, I went right to Rubio's, and low and was Fish Taco Tuesday!!!!  only $1

it's a good thing I had sustenance, because it took me FOREVER to drive to my friend's house in horrendous traffic and rain.  Thank goodness I remember how to get around here (well, roughly- i mean, people who live here don't always know how to get around this crazy town).