Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Sunset to Mullhollad

Here we are at Mel's all american diner on Sunset Blvd.  I figured I should take Robin's advice and eat a hamburger before going to China.  This is my beautiful and brilliant friend Andrea Jones from high school (and unknown but very sweet cook who gave me a free caramel sundae!!). :)

I love this town- just passed the high school where they filmed GREASE and am now in a wicked cool coffee shop in Venice sitting across from the guy who played the lieutenant in Lethal Weapon. 

So, who cares that it's a miserable, rainy day, or that I just wasted an hour for an unneeded trip to the airport (grrr- are on my List!)  but it's fascinating not having a phone.  i have no idea what time it is and i can't shake this vague feeling that I'm supposed to be doing something other than enjoying the best caramel latte on the planet or the earnest political discussion to my right.  Happily, there is an old hippie at another table with a Rasta hat and "impeach bush" shirt on who just invited me to a protest tomorrow.  so, i don't feel too far from home after all...

Wow. there are some BEAUTIFUL people here-  oooooh, especially that guy over there reading the paper (he just turned around and smiled at me!!!).  my day just got exponentially better!!!

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