Wednesday, February 20, 2008


So, the flight from Ashe-Vegas to Minneapolis was brilliant.  Amazing sunrise- mountains silhouetted by stunning lines of pink and orange- and smooth flight.

From MN to LA however... sigh. let's not talk about it.  let's just say I'm one xanax short...

When I used to live in LA, I found the best fish tacos in the universe!  As soon as I got to here yesterday, I went right to Rubio's, and low and was Fish Taco Tuesday!!!!  only $1

it's a good thing I had sustenance, because it took me FOREVER to drive to my friend's house in horrendous traffic and rain.  Thank goodness I remember how to get around here (well, roughly- i mean, people who live here don't always know how to get around this crazy town).

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Joe T. said...

Just took a minute to see if you had started your blog... sur-nuff!! so, do you automatically send out e-mails when you post to your blog... like Michael Butler does???