Monday, March 26, 2012

Thank you for the great event!!

Thank you everyone who came out to the Center for Sacred Studies in Guerneville, CA to see KANYINI- it was a great group.  Brian and I so appreciated all the interest, support, and fabulous questions.  It was wonderful to bring a little "Grandfather" energy into one of the homes of the "13 Grandmothers". 
We leave for Oz in less than a week now!  SFO to LAX to Sydney to Uluru ~ So, I'll start posting more regularly after jet lag (April 3 or 4).  
Our gratitude again to all the amazing people who have been so supportive of our quest.   Here are two incredible resources for more information on the history and current struggles of our Aboriginal brothers and sisters down under:  (go to the "resources" page and you can order a dvd directly from the site) (read the open letter to Prime Minister Gillard)
Aloha, and see you in April!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

KANYINI showing at the Center for Sacred Studies 3/22 6:30pm

Uncle Bob Randall was born around 1934 in the Central Desert region of the Northern Territory (NT), Australia. He is a “Tjilpi” (special Uncle) of the Yankunytjatjara Nation and is one of the traditional owners of Uluru (Ayers Rock). At about age 7, young Bob was taken away from his mother and family under government policy. He was one of thousands of Aboriginal children who came to be known as the Stolen Generation. Like so many, he never saw his mother again.
Come hear his story through the documentary film,
Center for Sacred Studies  13550 Church Street - Guerneville
March 22, 2012
Uncle Bob continues to write and teach throughout the world, presenting Aboriginal cultural-awareness programs based on the Anangu (Central Desert language) “Kanyini” principles of caring for the environment and each other with unconditional love and responsibility.  

Katie Kasben and Brian Loftin, who will be presenting the documentary, will be traveling to Uluru to work with Uncle Bob, record his stories and songs, and be of service to the Anangu community of Mutijulu.  Any donations from this event will go to help this project.