Saturday, June 21, 2008

More Solstice Photos


So, Friday, June 20th started out with a book launch for a friend then dancing at "the boat". imagine high school drama with an all Chinese Rockabilly band. it's so nice to wake up and realize, "but hey...I'm actually NOT in high school anymore" . Yay

then Saturday dawned bright and beautiful for the Summer Solstice. i packed up blue Betty with books, towel, chocolate, iPod and cheap champagne and headed for Ritan Park- the Temple of the Sun. it was just brilliant, sitting on a rock, overlooking a pond, watching the birds and kites float around through the clouds. That night my friend's band played on the opposite side of the pond and I got a chance to practice boundaries and integrity. good stuff, especially after reading a book by a Buddhist nun all day.

the next day, a friend got me tickets to the Symphony :) We actually went to dinner at...wait for it...The Sizzler Steak House.not kidding. We played on the subway, and then, before the concert began, there was a "pre-show" with "The Phoenix babies" ...i can't even tell you how cute it was.

my friend was the MC and he looked gooooood. After the earthquake there was a poster going around with the picture of a little girl with a dirty face and a terrified expression, with an oxygen tube taped to her face (I saw it at the hospital); well, this same little girl came out at the beginning of the show looking wonderful and saying hello to the audience. it totally brought tears to my eyes. The symphony was so-so, but all in all it was a fabulous way to spend a Sunday! :)