Saturday, April 26, 2008

Healing Smile

The cabbage and cigarette smell threatens to overwhelm me as I'm sitting in the private car, being driven to the "Shunyi Clinic" in the Northern part of town. It's the satellite clinic for the hospital and is 10 miles from nowhere. The wind is maniacally whipping past us, as are all the other cars and even old men on bicycles because I am being driven by the slowest driver in the universe. We really should have started yesterday if we wanted to be on time, but it's still an adventure and finally we turn onto a beautiful tree-lined drive next to a river. We pass the obligatory public exercise equipment put there in a "Get China Fit" movement, which are, like most of the time, empty of people working out. Finally we reach our destination and it's a tiny but spotless clinic with two of the Doctors I sat next to at the baseball game a few weeks ago. Amazing how such a big town can be so small. It's extra lucky that I know one of the Doctors because she had a look at my face and gave me some Clarytin and assured me i wasn't dying of liver failure. I just had a reaction to the sun/wind/pollution/antibiotics. Whew. So, I'll be teaching the "English Language Hospitality Club" there on Wednesdays and at the big hospital Mon, Tue, Thu. I guess I just get overcommitted wherever I go. I actually am enjoying it though, so I'm just gonna go with it. Tomorrow I give my first lesson: Eye Contact and How to Smile. :) good stuff.

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