Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Yin and Yang

What an amazing two days. Different as could be. Yesterday everything seemed to go wrong:
a cab driver actually made me get out of his cab after I got in, then there was an awkward moment at work (honestly, office politics already???), there was a tremendous traffic jam, and walking to the bus stop a man said, "hello, how are you" in English, so I thought he wanted to practice his English. Nope, he wanted to sell me porn. Really! as I walked away he ran to catch up and was pulling dvds out of his jacket. sigh. so, I jumped into a cab and spent money i didn't have just to get away. Emotionally spent, I saw the pink ball of sunlight like an alien planet through the smog. I almost cried, but then I remembered that everything is part of the adventure. good and bad.

Today, on my way to OLIVER rehearsal, the bus dropped me off in front of a Ping Pong park!!! it was amazing. All these, mostly older, Chinese people battling it out in between rows of apartment buildings and a corrider of lovely trees, and surrounded by chain-link. Quite a site to behold. An ancient man passed me very slowly and smiled and nodded and everything seemed so perfect. I found Kemin's house (the director) and he and his very cute friend from South-Africa and I bought some ice cream from the shop and waited for the rest of the actors to show up. That started the "carnival" that was my evening.

It was great fun to work on a few characters and scenes for the play (i love this stuff) and then afterwards we went to Kemin's granny's house for dinner. they made "spring cakes" (kind of like a thicker "moo shoo pork", but totally different) to mark the beginning of spring. Kemin played Beethoven on the piano and I beat the South African twice at a board game similar to "connect four". :) Dinner was amazing, as usual, and then four more people came in who are in a Chinese Circus school!!! The girls are from Mexico, one boy is from Hungary (but lives in Austria) and the fourth was a sweet kid from France. Lively talk, good food, Chinese soap opera on the telly, and then Kemin got the French guy to juggle (WOW)- he is amazing!!!!!!

So, i wasn't surprised on the bus ride home when a girl got on with a bag of popcorn. The whole bus smelled of the "Fair" and we passed over a bridge where the canal was dotted with red lanterns which reflected in the water. I could catch glimpses of the moon half full, like it was about to spill and all was right with the world. :)

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nreed said...

I hope the popcorn smelled as good as the Fine Arts popcorn! We miss you terribly!