Tuesday, March 25, 2008

CINDERELLA's got nothin' on me!

I can hardly believe it, but I definitely got the job singing Jazz at the club "Block 8"
wow. I went to meet the owner and manager, and to hear the band I'd be playing with. He bought us all bottles of pink champagne- it was like an urban fairy tale. Now, of course, the hard part starts and probably the biggest test to my perfection complex. However impatient to rehearse and work on songs, it doesn't always work like that in Chinese culture. I think this in itself is going to be a huge adventure. Well, at least it should have a good soundtrack! Check out the promotional videos on the club's website (sorry if the sound is choppy- it's not the best video player) :) http://www.block8.cn/

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Missouri Muleskinner said...

Katie...what I would'nt give to see you belt out some Jazz tunes while standing at least a foot taller than your band.....like a freakin honky tina turner.....

Miss you here, no cinedicate work at the moment, but I am so tired of this corporate crap. I wanna be someone, be someone, be someone as well.

Take care...I will check in often