Wednesday, March 5, 2008

WORK, IMPROV, and a club called BLOCK8

Today I started work at the hospital (Beijing United Family Healthcare), and they wanted to start a new English program with me as the instructor- and maybe to help with the customer service training they are trying to start. (the best news, though, is that they are taking care of my visa...) So, since people don't like "training", I made up the "English Language Hospitality Club"... what do you think?

I hope it goes well. at the moment I'm working about 6 hours per week starting in 10 days, but with some hour for preparation. It's so interesting with the cultural differences because the Chinese staff are very shy and even if they have problems, they would only say, "oh, everything is fine". So it will be a learning experience for me to on how to draw them out subtly. I think this hospital is going to be the main medical facility for the Olympics. What a crazy year this is here.

Tonight I went to an improv class near the drum and bell tower (such beautiful buildings!) and it was so cool. they did half of the games in Chinese (i was totally lost of course), but they were still really funny! Afterwards about 10 of us went to a little local place around the corner and got 7 plates of food, with everyone having a "40" size beer (except me because i don't like beer- which makes me a total alien in the expat community)- and the check came to about $25 USD.
wow. I expect the same prices at "Wasabi" when I get back!!! hm.

But the biggest news you will have to wait for, because I don't want to jinx it until I see a contract with my name on it. But i will tell you it has to do with a nightclub called block 8... :) Beijing really is an amazing place.

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