Friday, May 30, 2008


This Weekend was amazing. Friday afternoon I rode my bike to the Temple of the Sun in Ritan Park. As soon as I stepped through the gate it was as if time slowed to keep pace with the wonder surrounding me. Pine trees and roses swayed in a gentle breeze and an ancient stone pathway let me to the gateway of the sacrificial altar. Happily, the sacrificing ceremonies are long over, but it was still profound to go and sit right in the middle of the huge stone square. After watching the sun descend through the distant cityscape and a vertical rainbow that aligned with the West Gate, I made my way through a winding path to the "Stone Boat". It's a small bar/restaurant right on an idyllic pond framed by weeping willow trees. My friend Rachel came to hang out and we hiked up to a gorgeous Pagoda as the first star came out (which is always amazing to see because of the constant pollution/dust) and on the way up surprised two teenagers making out behind a rock. Later, a man with a loudspeaker came up telling us to get out and as the soldiers who had been enjoying the view walked past they called us "Laowai" (not the nicest way to say "foreigner") but we just laughed and waved. I think they were surprised we understood what they said.
We then made our way back down to the Stone Boat where my friend David Mitchell and his band were playing. What an amazing evening. It was like being transported back in time, listening to truly amazing music (guitars and a sitar-like instrument) on the water and no mosquitoes. :)

Later that night went to Rickshaw and got a kiss on the hand from an exceptionally cute DJ named Josh, a footballer from Manchester, England. The moon was a golden sickle giving the arch of trees opportunity for excellent shadows to guide me home. All in all, a great evening. :) and Saturday was even better. :)