Thursday, May 22, 2008


Wow. Life has the coolest way of coming around!

So, I did not get the job for the Olympics with the company I first interviewed (but I met Lidia there, so that's why that happened), which I decided was really o.k. I'm having a brilliant time here and am so happy. THEN a few weeks ago I get this email out of the blue from the woman who interviewed me at that other company. She has resigned and is now working for this NZ events company and could I come in for an interview. I just had a phone interview from Sydney this morning and I'M WORKING A HOSPITALITY SUITE AT A HOTEL DURING THE OLYMPICS!!!! whooo hooooooo! So, every two days I'll get an influx of mostly Australian corporate types who are coming to see the games. We'll have a huge screen tv in the suite and basically, I am party host for about 18 days. that's one long party! I'm so excited I could dance! I'll let you know more as I know more. For now I'm going to help with notes for tech week of "Oliver" the musical, then going to see Jessica Meider sing at East Shore Jazz in Hou Hai. I wish you could see this place. it's got a rooftop with tables that overlooks a cool. Oh, (sigh)

guess what? I found my passport. he he...of course. oh well, had I not "lost" it, I wouldn't have met Leah who is now my Chinese teacher three times a week. Yay! I make breakfast and she teaches me Chinese (but tomorrow she's bringing Chinese pancakes). Life is just grand! :) xoxoxo