Saturday, August 23, 2008

From Tony Blair to Jabba the Hutt

The final stretch is where you are on the verge of your second wind, and also possible implosion from exhaustion. Well aware of this nefarious dichotemy, we all power on. Last night was so funny. Evidently this is a pretty "big-deal" hotel (Yao Ming owns a suite here) and yesterday, BAZAAR had a huge opening or party or something and all these Chinese popstars were here. they came out of the hotel to be driven 100 feet to get out again before the little, screaming Chinese girls. pretty funny. But it was pretty cool that Jet Li and Tony Blair were both at a dinner on the 5th floor of the hotel last night too. (much more impressive for me than Chinese boy bands- call me old-fashioned). Then, on the way back from my nightly dvd pick-up, I told the cab driver where to go (in Chinese) and he laughed EXACTLY like Jabba the Hutt (in Return of the Jedi when Leia unfreezes Han, you know). As the hot night air blew my hair across my face, the moon came into view through the Bladerunner-like buildings, and it was the colour of burnished gold. A perfect setting for yet another bizarre Beijing night.

Speaking of bizarre, I have to tell you about the dogs here. It cracks me up so much and it's all I can do not to laugh out loud, but the pet-carrying rigs just have to be shared. All in one day, I saw a tiny, white mop of a dog cruising happily in a "backseat basket" of a woman's bike (while she was riding it and the princess' less fortunate siblings were trotting along by leash); a man on a bike with a backpack dog-carrier (that's right, poor little Scottie dog was looking around with his little lets poking out of four holes on the backpack, wondering what the hell he was doing so far away from the ground); and best for last: a woman was pulling a suitcase behind her, which isn't strange in itself, but for the little white mutt..he he, with the..ha.aaaha, dog cone on it's poor little head...he he.. and that was all that was sticking out of the suitcase! omg. i almost fell over on the street.

O.K., the guests are coming back, gotta scram. Whooo Hooo! one more day!!!!!!!!!!!

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