Monday, August 4, 2008

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Oh there is so much to tell, i don't know where to begin!!! Should I start with chicken fried steak and mashed potatoes (not much of a story other than they were AWESOME!), or that i have three roommates now and it was slightly dicey at the police station getting all the registration done, or that there is a flower sculpture of the Great Wall near the Lama Temple (Oiy so tacky, but bloody brilliant), or the subway (ha. just in general), or the fact that an Olympic venue is Right Across the Street from my apartment!!! they were practicing on the stage for the event and we went up to the 14th floor to peer into the park. so funny. let's just say that it's obvious that Coca Cola is a sponsor. :) I'm wicked tired tonight, but that's because I spent the last 7 hours in a huge
ballroom at the JW Marriott listening (for the first hour) to program directors ask questions about transportation (omg it's going to be a logistical Nightmare!), and the last 6 hours getting names and numbers of all our drivers, loading stuff and waiting for the ridiculous queue to go down so we could get our cars for the program.

so how funny is this? none of our drivers have driven an automatic. yeah. not so funny when i told him to pull over and he put it into neutral (thank god i had my seatbelt on).

Or should I tell you about last week when I got to see the musical HAIRSPRAY???? it was fantastic!!!! My beautiful friend Max, from college, has a friend in the cast, so I got tix to see it (Twice!!!). Last Monday was an awesome show and i ran into three other friends whom I had worked with on OLIVER (small town, and all the remaining white people are required to know each other. just kidding. maybe.). So Kit (Max's friend) invited us to go to dinner for another cast member's birthday. aw, it was so much fun. That's my tribe. crazy musical theatre folk. i love 'em. We went to TGIFriday's (ha), which is always surreal, because when you leave you are truly surprised that you happen to actually be in China. :)

Everything is changing in the city. it's amazing. you can really feel it! everything is cleaner, there are red lanterns EVERYWHERE and just a general excitement permeating everything. We move into our hospitality suite tomorrow. i'm so excited. it's going to be just amazing seeing the whole city from the 61st floor. groovy.

o.k., i have to go to bed or i might cry. naw.
they made it rain a few days ago, so at least it's relatively clear.
ha. we shall see....
Miss everyone heaps!

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Anonymous said...

How exciting!! I love hearing about all your adventures. It's weird reading all the reports in the local papers and then hearing your reports. Have loads of fun. Will you be able to see any of the events?