Thursday, March 4, 2010

a heart engaged
without a ring
scored with measures improbable 

when touched
by incandescent flame
the certain seems impossible

a supernova in my chest
and unprepared
my senses reeled 

leaving me bereft 
of space
to hide in anonymity

one touch, one look, 
a burning sear 
that took my very breath away

unwitting your sorcerer's spell
has breached
my abandoned gateway to infinity.


To fall and become
For the sake of love, 
Yet missing the human connection,
Is the woeful gift 
Of the girl in woman form 
Yet to bloom from her 
Mind to her heart.  

Denied thus far 
The bursting of flame 
Through touch more than surface, 
Dormant eros congealed  
In practicality pumping daily 
Unused blood through 
Unenlightened muscle.  

The smallest prick of 
Sharpest gaze becomes 
Bewildering flow of feeling, 
Unable to be staunched 
With usual thought 
Gray matter deserter 
In war unwinnable.  

The dam broken, thank God, 
Can never thus be repaired 
Gratitude quells abandonment, 
For finally, though seemingly left alone, 
The physical understanding of connection 
Explodes into a certainness 
Of possibility.  

- k

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Egg said...

Absolutely beautiful! Thank you.