Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sad songs on palm trees

Tonight is my last night on the island, but I'm ready to get back to Beijing. My job with the Events Company is now to start immediately (thank goodness, because I've got to make up for the lunch I had yesterday in the beautiful Yalong Bay at the Sheraton...but Oh Man, was it worth it. crazy good Lobster bisque (for which i am a sucker) and the most incredible open-faced ravioli with cajun shrimp and grilled I'm on my 6th book now (i love vacations) and only just today managed to get burned. drat, i thought i was doing so well. curse of the single girl...can't reach my back.

It's a unique experience to be in complete solitude while surrounded by hundreds of people (i guess that's China most of the time though). There are a few Westerners here, but most are Russian. It seems that Russians are to Sanya what the Japanese are to Hawai'i. The horrible, blasting, Russian music and bad Chinese karaoke, though...i could do without. the water was so clear today and the sky breathtaking. two butterflies even flew over me while i was in the water too!

I ended up at a tiny little thatch bar near a rocky inlet (pictures to follow) and though last time is was sad, classical piano music, this time was even more depressing. I mean, who would play that damn Celine dion Titanic song, then "i believe i can fly", then "i just called to say I love you", THEN "Take my breath away"? and there was some other song about someone being the best part of someone else's life. seriously. if he's the best part of her, and he's gone, she better snap out of it and stop singing a sad-bastard song about it. :) but then, i guess it's all designed to make people so depressed that they'll drink more. ah. sneaky. the best part was when they started playing the theme song to "Lord of the Rings", but then they shut if off for some other sad-bastard '70s song with a damn Synthesizer. sigh.

The summer is about to go into high-gear for me, and I'll do my best to report in, but I'll be working pretty much 12 hour days for the whole month of August.

*make sure to watch the opening ceremonies- it's a secret, but somehow I ended up helping one of the girls, who will be singing one of the songs, with her English and ended up re-writing most of the lyrics for the English version of the song. can't say the name, but if you spoke Spanish it would be called Cielo (you know, blue, with clouds...) :)

Love and kisses, and now back to the grueling evening ahead...finishing my book and walking on the beach. whew. :) xoxoxo

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