Sunday, July 6, 2008

Life is Good

at the moment, i'm at the East Shore Jazz club, overlooking Hou Hai lake. My friend Jessica is rehearsing for her show tonight. I'm using the bar's computer, because it's touch and go these days for mine. definitely got a 1984 situation here. Yesterday was most amazing. After a lunch party at my house (and finally seeing Chaoyang park from the 14th floor of my building) we went to JingShang Park, which overlooks the Forbidden City. It was most profound, as is always when i see any congregation of greenery and birdlife. The part of the park we started in was built for archery practive in the Ming, or Qin Dynasty (i forgot, and i sincerely hope there are no Chinese History scholars reading this, because i am being abyssmally lazy and not looking it up. but if i stop this blog post now, it may be weks before I get the time and connection to do it again:) lame excuse, but was a really long time ago. That made me think of my Mom, she did archery in college. so cool.

So, we walked to the topmost pagoda and had a breathtaing view of the entire city. And we could even see mountains!!! so, it was moderately clear...yay!!!! Then we ambled through some hutongs and ended up at a Starbucks. gotta love that, running the whole gamut.

I left the group and found my way to the National Centre for Performing Arts where I was to see a play called "CiXi and DeLing". My friend Lisa Lu (one of the Mom's from the Joy Luck Club, who I met at the Hawai'i Film Fest) was playing the Dowager Empress and everyone in the theatre burst into applause the first time she came on stage. What a fascinating experience that was. and WHOA what a Theatre Complex. wow. It was the story of the end of the Qing Dynasty, after the Boxer Rebellion and the big issue was Western customs and reform. how strange to be one of only two Westerners in the whole audience of more than 400. And there were times during the play, when one of the characters would make an especially emotional statement, and the whole audience would applaud. so fascinating. Everyone did such an incredible job and I hadn't realized just how talented my friend really is! So, I walked all across Tian'anmen Square and over to Wanfujing, up as far as Chaoyangmen Nei. I know that doesn't mean anything to you at home, but trust was a VERY long walk, in the rain. The funny part was though, i thoroughly enjoyed it!!!! I am so lucky to be here, right where I am, just who I am, right now, at this very moment. Life is good.

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