Friday, September 4, 2009

on the path~

My body is exhausted from all the travel and cramped sleeping, but my spirit is incredibly expanded. Just when I think I've reached a surfeit, a whole new way of thought becomes available. I keep wanting to capture it, to write it down, to prove it's happening, but that's exactly what I need to let go of, in a way. The idea of "control" is what fractures most any good intention. Control of people, control of the land, control of environment, money... it's a "dominator" pattern versus "partnership".

I'm heading back down to Tumbi Umbi tomorrow, and on Sept. 7, am speaking to a group of university students who sit on an Aboriginal advisory panel. The guts of my program are about personal transformation- on all sides, and the work recently is how to convey that.

I was lucky enough to go to the opening of the Melbourne Indigenous "Message Sticks" film festival. It was incredible! I was staying with my friend, who I met at Garma and I think the best part of the whole weekend was the number of amazing discussions we had. She introduced me to some incredible music, "The Last Kinection", "The Herd", and "Archie Roach", who are all writing incredible songs of protest and truth. Music is the blood of a movement, and this movement is walking away from the Empire and creating a real global Community. Not just saying the words to pat ourselves on the back, but really living with authenticity. Every colour of person can learn something about their own story, and live in communion with the land they find themselves on. It's repeated again and again, "We don't own the land, the land owns us".

Just knowing this is right isn't going to change the minds of real estate agents of architects who work in the current system...but that's the point. We get to change the system.

I've just been introduced to an amazing woman who runs a magazine on sustainable childcare and parenting, but also has a blog. Please read what she wrote about speaking to Uncle Bob Randall (who is coming to Asheville in September!!!). It's what I want to tell you too. Her tears have also been mine:

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