Friday, August 7, 2009

Sydney- the first two days

My first day in Sydney was a wonderful transition- and no jet-lag in sight!!! I unpacked and watched movie
s from the very comfortable couch of my brilliant friend Summer Foley. Day two it was time to explore my new city! I made it out to Tranby Aboriginal College, in the hip neighborhood of
Glebe, and met up with my friend Darryl that I met seven years ago at Macquarie University. He is now the Program Director for Community Development at Tranby, and the catalyst for my trip here. From the outside, the college is
unassuming, but as you walk through the Burnt Sienna hallway you come upon another world, formed with curved
walkways and round classrooms
. The administration buildings and the circular, tribal, classrooms are connected by the "reconciliation" bridge that symbolizes the link between the European and Aboriginal worlds.
After a tour of the campus, I had lunch with some of the staff and students. Everyone was incredibly nice and had great senses of humor. I've also see it in action, employed by a group of people who have had so many challenges in their community. I've already learned a lot, and I've nowhere near begun studying the available resources. You should see the library- it's amazing!Darryl took me to "Vinnie's", the best salvo store (thrift shop) where I got everything I'll need for my trip to the Northern Territories, then there was an impromptu birthday party for my friend. All in all, a wonderful beginning to this new journey!
At the moment, I'm writing from the only cafe I could find with wireless, and it was a perfectly sunny day- but the clouds have started to come in now. I leave for the Northern Territories in a few hours, and won't be able to check in until I get back on the
13th. This is going to be quite an experience, but I'm looking forward to the adventure! Lots of love!!! xoxo

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